LabelMe Annotation Tool Source Code

Here you will find the source code to install the LabelMe annotation tool on your server. LabelMe is an annotation tool writen in Javascript and Perl for online image labeling. The advantage with respect to traditional image annotation tools is that you can access the tool from anywhere and people can help you to annotate your images without them having to install or copy a large dataset onto their computers.

There are two ways to download the LabelMe annotation tool source code:

1. Github repository

We maintain the latest version of the toolbox on github. To pull the latest version, make sure that "git" is installed on your machine and then run "git clone" on the command line. You can refresh your copy to the latest version by running "git pull" from inside the project directory.

If you have an idea for a new feature and want to implement it, then let us know! With github, you can fork the code and send us a pull request. If we like your feature and implementation, then we will incorporate it into the main code.

2. Zip file

The zip file is a snapshot of the latest source code on github.


If you use the source code, we would appreciate it if you cite:

B. C. Russell, A. Torralba, K. P. Murphy, W. T. Freeman, LabelMe: a database and web-based tool for image annotation. International Journal of Computer Vision, pages 157-173, Volume 77, Numbers 1-3, May, 2008. PDF